6. Video Game Prototype: Astronaut Jump


Our game is a 2d platformer where you play as a an astronaut that jumps between clouds to reach safety; there are enemy aliens you knock down along the way. The controls include spacebar to jump and WASD (or arrow keys) to move. Some clouds are stagnant while others are moving platforms. This version was a BIG improvement from our alpha! I would say the only thing that remained the same between the two were the astronaut sprite, the alien sprites, and the way you can just knock them down. I was so focused on creating sprite animations and smaller assets that I forgot to make a background. I changed that in this new version, though!

Originally, I created a cloud tileset for Zach, my programmer, to use. The sheet was made up of six different cloud parts that fit together in any horizontal order. I wanted my pogrammer to be able to mix and match them in any way he saw fit, but it only proved to be too time consuming. The time he could be using on building mechanics and such, he was figuring out how to put these cloud pieces together. I wanted to make it easier, so I scrapped them and made new cloud assets. This time I created six full clouds of varying lengths.

I also drew up a gradient background; the higher up you go, the darker the sky becomes and the clearer the stars. Background music was provided by WhelpSounds in the Unity Asset Store. If we do keep working on it, there are still quite a few things I would like to add, like incorporating a timer so you have to quickly shove all the aliens off the clouds before it strikes zero. That, along with having the aliens shoot lasers at you. I think this would increase the difficulty and give the player a sense of urgency.

Some issues include how you can see the background image end if you go further down the screen and how the astronaut sometimes doesn’t respawn. In the WebGL, the viewport is too zoomed in on the game too. There is a lot more to think about if we move forward!

Digital media student at San José State University.